Snowstormers Youth Snowmobile Safety Training


Delano Snowstotmers Youth Snowmobile Safety Training is Saturday, January 13th 2018. Registration beings December 1st, 2017. This will be a traditional class for youth students, ages 11-15.

Please check back later for more details.

Safety classroom

The Delano Snowstormers conduct an annual safety training class. Our goal is to educate the students on the state laws and how to demonstrate safe and responsible riding, while having fun.

Hands on

In addition to the class room training, students also demonstrate hands on knowledge of the main snowmobile parts. We have members snowmobiles on site and each student has one on one time with an instructor to show their knowledge of the snowmobile parts, riding positions, and the proper hand signals.

Hands on
test course

Once the classroom learning is completed, it’s time to head out to the testing track to show what you have learned. We have a special state designed riding track where the students will demonstrate what they have just learned. Riding must follow all posted signs and use the proper hand signals. Once this phase is passed, it time to go back in and get their official sign off.

The Snowstormers take great pride in ensuring today’s youths are properly trained and ready to become the riders that will carry this sport forward.